Monday, September 28, 2015

CONCEPTIONS: For Being Christian, It's Funny

I had a scene I was working on for "Conceptions" and I thought it was really funny. I wanted to get some opinions from some of my readers so I asked a few people to read it. One of the ladies was a non-Christian.

NC Lady: "For being a Christian book, it was funny but not laugh out loud funny.

Me: "Wait... what? 'For being Christian...' what does THAT mean?"

NC Lady: "I just mean that... Christians don't really have a good sense of humor..."

I think I would have rather her just tell me it sucked as I find this to be extremely hurtful. Christians don't have a good sense of humor? I want to thank all those pious Christians out there for ruining society's idea of who and what we are. THANKS for pretending to be perfect so we all look like a bunch of boring slugs.

I will have you know, Christians are JUST LIKE everyone else. We laugh, we cry, we fail, we curse, we yell, we fail, we try, we fall, we sin, we get back up and try again, and yes... some of us are very funny, despite being CHRISTIAN.

Most importantly... when we try and fail... we are forgiven when we ask to be. It's actually a pretty good deal. I have no complaints, especially since I'm allowed to laugh.

That is all.

SEEDS: Christians Don't Have Affairs

Here is a conversation I had with a Christian in response to my book Seeds.

Person: "You shouldn't classify your book Seeds as Christian fiction because it is obvious you wrote it for the secular world."

Me: "Why do you think that?"

Person: "Well, the book has an affair in it..."

Me: "Yes, it does."

Person: "The only people who have affairs are secular people. Christians don't have affairs."

Me:  ***Can't respond, overcome with loud laughter and a few unintentional snorts***

Okay people... this is insane! Christians don't have affairs... are you KIDDING me? Of course Christians have affairs... Christians do all sorts of things they aren't supposed to do! Does that make it right? NO! Does it make it okay? NO! It makes us imperfect... it makes us need forgiveness but guess what: God is a forgiving, loving God.

While Seeds does have an affair in it, it does not glorify this behavior. It shows it as the sin it is. I included an affair in the book because the book is ABOUT sexual sin. If it happens in the real world... expect me to write about it.

That is all.