Thursday, February 11, 2016

How Can You Call Yourself a Christian Author When Your Life is So Screwed Up

How can I call myself a Christian author when my life is so screwed up... my past especially, but my present is far from perfect now.

No, no one actually SAID this to me but I was recently attacked by someone who obviously feels this way. I get it. I do... however, this is the biggest misconception of Christianity out there, that just because a person calls themselves a Christian, they are perfect.

I wrote a blog about this very subject not too long ago so I am going to point to that:


Within this attack on me, I was called a few very unkind names and scripture was used a weapon against me. Again, I get it.

Yes, as a Christian, I am a walking breathing reflection of Jesus and I should keep that in mind as I walk through my day and get pounded with temptation. Because I am an OPEN Christian, this is especially true. My mistakes look bad on Him, and they breed hypocrisy. Does my inability to perfectly reflect Jesus mean I shouldn't be an open Christian? Should I hide my faith simply because I will mostly certainly disappoint God or the neighborhood? I could... but it is my choice to press on, stand firm on my God, and trust that He is bigger than my failures. If I screw up someone's perception of Christianity because of my own behavior, He can handle fixing it with that person. I choose to look at the people who might be impacted positively instead of the ones who might be turned away.

My failures as a Christian are between God and I, sometimes they require apologies to people which I am well aware of and very driven to offer when necessary. I also know that someone else's name calling and Bible verse weaponry are between them and God. I do not expect an apology yet I choose to forgive, learn, and move on, none-the-less.

THAT is how I can call myself a Christian author when my life is so screwed up.

Blessings on your day!

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  1. Inspirational words from a true Christian. None of us are perfect and never will be. But you try harder than anybody else I know and I'm proud to be your sister in Christ and to call you my friend.