Friday, March 25, 2016

CONCEPTIONS: I Would NEVER Have An Abortion

This is a comment someone made on a thread on my Facebook wall with regard to my book "Conceptions" which is coming out in April (hopefully). I want to tell you, I don't think it was made purposefully to be hurtful, but I wanted to use it to teach ya'll something.

"I just want to say, I have had two unplanned pregnancies and I would NEVER have an abortion."

It was typed just like that... and like I said, I don't think the comment was meant to be unkind, judgmental or disrespectful but unfortunately, in my mind, this is the kind of statement that can make a person who HAS made the decision to abort (for whatever reason) feel very judged.

We need to remember that everything that comes out of our mouths has the potential to praise or pause a person. When we discuss touchy subjects, we need to remember that not everyone feels the same way we do. Or maybe, they do feel the way we do BUT had circumstances arise in their life that made them choose something they normally wouldn't have... and that hurts deeply.

Today is Good Friday 2016, the day we remember Jesus' sacrifice... His life traded for ours. His perfectness given for our imperfections. His anguish in exchange for our eternal pleasure in heaven. His gift of full forgiveness.

Some women who have abortions do not struggle over that decision... but many do. Many are deeply regretful and shamed to the point of it being THE secret of their life, forever tormenting them and keeping them from accepting the full forgiveness Jesus sacrificed for. When others intentionally OR unintentionally remind them of that shame through statements such as the one above, all it does is make them want to push that secret deeper within their soul in an effort to keep it hidden. A pain hidden in the dark festers and the longer is festers, the farther it becomes from the light.

If you are a Christian and believe that Jesus truly died for all of our sins... all people, all sins... please, be mindful with your words that they aren't pushing the shame of the sin deeper into the darkness, but instead shine love on the hurting so the light can bring them freedom.

Your opinion will most likely not change someone's heart but your love just might.

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